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The Durban Pain Clinic

We Treat Acute And Chronic Pain

The Durban Pain Clinic is a centre for the treatment of chronic and acute pain. The methods used involve the culmination of over 50 years of medical experience.

We're the only Pain Clinic in Durban with modalities such as the High Level Laser and Theraphi, in fact, the only in KZN. We're fully unique and have taken the time to source the very best, unique care.

Holistic Approach

A part of what sets The Durban Pain Clinic apart is our holistic approach. Dr Kantha Gareeb gets into the root of each patient’s issues. We offer a complex solution to a complicated problem.

The Team

The Team consists of a combination of over 50 years in collective medical experience.

Michael Searles has been a personal trainer for 10 years and runs the Medical Gym to offer:

  • Personal Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain Management
  • Nutritional Therapy
More information - www.fittricks.co.za
Dr Harsha Moti provides the best in chiropractic care, with a variety of modalities that assist in joint manipulations and spinal alignments. She'll be sure to align everything in your body.
Eric qualified as a specialist anaesthesiologist in Durban in 1995.

While achieving subspeciality qualification in Critical Care at Addington hospital, Eric established the first Acute Pain management service in Durban, managing over 500 patients, thus relieving considerable pressure on limited ICU resources.

Eric also started to gain experience in the management of Chronic Pain under the mentorship of Dr Joe Rubin, one of the pioneers in Chronic Pain management in South Africa.

Eric entered private practice in 1999 where he maintained fis interest in both Acute and Chronic pain, setting up a Pain Clinic in 2001 with five colleagues at Westville hospital, the only clinic at the time.

In 2006 Eric returned to Addington hospital where he continued his interest in the Acute and Chronic pain services.

In 2010 Eric took up the Chief Specialist anaesthesiologist post at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central hospital. He was able to maintain his interest in both Acute and Chronic Pain, focussed on teaching but still able to significantly contribute in a clinical role.

He took early retirement at the end of 2021 and is currently undertaking medicolegal work, writing, teaching, and consultation.

Eric is a founding member of the PainSA.
He has been in the committees drawing up the guidelines for the management of Acute, Chronic and Cancer Pain in South Africa.

Eric teaches regularly at the Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management at the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

He has presented lectures locally and nationally on Pain Management and attended several international meetings.

Eric is looking forward to sharing his knowledge, experience, but most of all compassion with patients with chronic pain attending the Durban Pain Clinic.

Owner and Founder

Dr Kantha Gareeb

Dr Kantha Gareeb is the owner and founder at The Durban Pain Clinic. She is a specialist Anesthetist of over 20 years experience, she is also a mother of two and has authored her book "Brain Plasticity", on which she does public talks.

Private Consultation
The average medical consultation with a GP is only 15 minutes long. However, with Dr Gareeb, her consultations are over an hour long, indeed, sometimes up to two hours.

More Information

We Offer:

  • Private consultations
  • Physiotherapy with our High Level Laser
  • Chiropractic Treatments
  • Dietetics
  • Psychological treatments
  • Medical Gym and Fitness Coaching
  • Medical Gym and Rehab


Do you take Medical Aids?
Yes, we do take medical aids for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Dieticians. We request that you check your benefits 24 hrs before a Treatment. Note, our Specialist Consults are Cash only.

Opening Hours

Monday : 9am–4pm
Tuesday : 9am–4pm
Wednesday : 9am–4pm
Thursday : 9am–4pm
Friday : 9am–4pm

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Medstone Medical Clinic
306 3rd Floor High Street,
Umhlanga Ridge Blvd,
Umhlanga, Durban, 4319